With Everest Settlement, the transfer of property from Seller to Buyer goes smoothly, allowing all parties to complete the transaction with confidence and peace of mind. Learn more here about our trouble-free closing process.


When it's time to close on a property, the overriding goal for everyone is a trouble-free transfer with no last-minute surprises, whether large or small.

With the experienced team of property transfer experts at Everest Settlement on your side, surprises never happen. Just as airtight as the title on the deed, so goes every closing we conduct. We have seen it all, and we know how to bring all parties to a closing that flows flawlessly, every time.

We bring each transaction to a satisfactory conclusion. When the deal becomes final, everyone can walk away feeling great and completely satisfied.


Closing represents the moment where everything required to ensure seller-to-buyer agreements come together as all parties intended. Attorneys, lenders, title companies and other entities demand certainty regarding the interests of all parties. This involves a host of tasks to be carefully and successfully completed, including:

  • Addressing legal fees and taxes
  • Resolving outstanding claims
  • Preparing multiple documents to be reviewed and signed
  • Date Arrangement / Accompaniment
  • Record Filings
  • Certification and Transfer

Quick, smooth, hassle-free closings. That's the hallmark of Everest Settlement.